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Third Year FMP (Student Travel Magazine) ''Where Next?"

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  • Third Year FMP (Student Travel Magazine) ''Where Next?"

    For my final major project I am creating a travel company called 'Where Next?'. It is just for the premise of my final year degree show an i stand to make no money out of the project. The first issue will be focusing on student travel through South-East Asia. I was wondering if any of you know

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    I find the name a little ironic, travelling is about the journey and experiences, "where next?" sort of infers the opposite, like fixating on getting to Point B and then fixating on getting to Point C the moment you've arrived at Point B. I work on a few different national and multi-national travel publications both in print and digital media, that was my first thought on what you had written thus far.
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      Why did you mention that you won't make money out of your final? I don't know anyone that makes money on school work.

      I'm guessing you got cut off mid-sentence. Care to come back and clarify?

      If this for a graphic design final project, I wouldn't worry so much about content writing. Though representing the content in a clear, appropriate and interesting way is a good idea.

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        It was just to clarify that if I were to use photographers images I would would get no financial gain from using them.


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          Sorry it seems to cut off the rest of what i had written. i understand now. the first issue is focusing on travel throughout south east Asia and i has enquiring about potential photographers that have work to do with this. I've looked on behance and tumblr but was wondering if i could get any recommendations from you guys.


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            an RF stock photography site would probably be your best bet, work with watermarked comps for position and purchase what you use in the appropriate resolution. You could check free stock photo sites, but you really do get what you pay for.

            If you are halfway decent behind the lens, I would suggest picking a topic you can shoot/have shot yourself.





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