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Seeking Conversion Software for JPG with bad color balance

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  • Seeking Conversion Software for JPG with bad color balance

    I've got a dozen jpg photos taken with a Samsung Digital Camera PL100. I flubbed the color balance because it was set for incandescent lighting and
    all the the photos taken in the sunlight now have a blue tinge.

    Has anybody ever seen some software which will take a photo with this blue tinge and put it back into true colors?
    I believe I saw something like that several years ago but after a couple hours of trying I haven't found the key words to bring anything up on a google search.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    Click image for larger version

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    I'm not sure if you can get it back to the true colours. But im sure you can tweak it in Photoshop to the point where it looks like the original. Sorry if this doesn't help, just a suggestion.


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      • #4 you have JPGs... that is an issue.
        You can get close with many Auto Color in Photoshop or if you have a program (I use mainly Aperture - similar to Lightroom) that you can tweak the color balance you can come close. then with most of those you can select the color balance tweak and paste it to the other photos. I said before, you have JPG and that is a problem. I found this out the hard way last year. I had my brother shoot my son's birthday party and set up custom WB for inside and outside...he forgot. and one room's photos are all blueish. i tried my best but i couldn't really tweak the colors to make it perfect. close but still off. So, they make great Sepia and B&W photos.

        Had you used RAW (and some would say it is a waste of file size and need for it) you can adjust the WB afterward. I have done so once i switched to RAW and the changes you can make are awesome.
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          I would take 1 photo and tweak it until you are happy with it. Use a combination of Photo Filter (under Image > Adjustments), Hue/Sat, Levels until you are happy.

          Then use Image > Adjustments > Match colour and select that fixed image to load onto all the others. You might have to do a little minor tweaking afterwards but most of the hard work is done.
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            I solve color blemishes in Photoshop.

            Make a copy of the layer.
            Image menu> Invert
            Blending mode to Color
            Change the opacity of the layer to get the wanted result

            Doesn't work all the the time but often.
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