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  • Film Photography!

    Does anyone here use a film camera still?

    What kind is it?
    What do you like to shoot?
    What kind of film do you use and do you develop it yourself of bring it to a store (CVS usually develops film still)?

    I have a Yachica FX-3 with a 50mm lens (also Yachica), as well as a Rokinon 28mm lens; I also have a Pentax AF201Sa flash.

    The film I have is Kodak Tri-x 400, and Efke IR820 infrared. I have some of both still boxed and unused, so I am not sure how good it is, but I want to start using the camera again. Last I used it was about 2 years ago.
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    Kodak 400 is grainy. Too fast. Not at all good for scanning negs for enlargement much beyond 11"x17"
    Even the black and white stuff, though I like Kodak for B&W imagery.

    I haven't worked with a photographer using film for a long time now. Most I worked with used 4" color trans film in a 100 speed with setup done using a polaroid film. Jeez, that was back in 2008.


    • Voltimand
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      It's old, left-over film that I haven't used since college a few years back. Might use it up before I buy better stuff though.

      You ever consider using film again?

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    About 12 years ago, My wife and I decided to replace her old trusty Nikon 35 mm camera. (she minored in photography in college)
    We got a nice Canon 35mm (Rebel?). It wasn't as durable as her old Nikon, but it came with great features.
    Not long after that I got (for free) a Yashika 35 mm with a sizeable assortment of lenses.

    Then about 2 years later we got a digital camera, and never touched the film cameras again.
    (we must have about 6-8 old film cameras, twin reflexes, and others)
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