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  • Tell me what you think!

    I recently collaborated with my boyfriend for a photo that has been selected to be showcased in the entrance of our school.
    I haven't really gotten any feedback from the picture. I would appreciate it if you guys could just tell me how you react to this photo. It would really help out.

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    It's kinda neat, but I don't really get it. What is it supposed to be?
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    Sketching not only helps you work out good ideas, it helps you get past the bad ones.


    • ShantiBliss
      ShantiBliss commented
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      It's a photography experiment. I do a bunch of conceptual stuff in my portfolio and this is one of the photos that I included. I like to merge the the two mediums together (media and physical objects). It's a play on the mind and whether things are represented as something fictional or real life and how you react to the two being placed in the same space.

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    It's a fun picture but seems pointless without any frame of reference. So here's a few questions that would help me. Also, the tree on the right hand bottom really bothers me and interrupts the flow of the eye travel.

    What part of the collaboration did you do? Are you the hands holding the magazine or did you conceptualize the piece?

    What does it mean to be showcased? Is this hanging at the entrance?

    What kind of school is this?

    Was this an assignment for a class?


    • ShantiBliss
      ShantiBliss commented
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      I agree, I should get rid of the tree in the corner.
      I had the idea and photographed my boyfriend holding the photo.
      It's framed by the entrance to give new coming students an idea of what we do at the school.
      Btw I attend the Art Institutes.
      This wasn't an assignment but it later came into my portfolio.
      As I said in the comment above

      It's a play on the mind and whether things are represented as something fictional or real life and how you react to the two being placed in the same space.

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    It's an interesting concept, I wouldn't say it's a technically perfect shot though. I do agree about the trees (the one on the left and the one at the bottom by the your subjects left hand) being distracting. there also appears to be something on the lens creating a dark spot about 25% down from the top along the right edge.
    Design is not decoration.


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      Seems like you could crop off the left side to make it centered and that would get rid of the trees there. The trees under the book I would just crop out also. The blur on the upper right that kerming noticed is a problem as well. Try to clone that out, but dealing with the gradation of the sky is the holy grail of retouchers, right up there with hair wisping in the wind.

      Where did you get the photo of the clouds in the magazine? I hope that is your photo as well. What is the copy running down the center on the left page? Was the clouds photo put in later or initially for the shoot?

      But we as a group here on this forum are only reacting to this photo critically as to how it was professionally produced, not as casual observers. Is that what you intended?


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        Dear ShantiBliss,

        1 Positive - It is a great start, you are thinking about the subject matter in an interesting and unique way. 2 Positive - You are thinking about a focal point which is also a great start. I hope you keep going. Everyone has given valid points to the subject matter. 1 Sorta Negative more of a question - What is the over lining question, theme, or idea that you wish to portray through your art form? 1 To answer your question - I feel that an individual is lifting the sky and placing it into it's perspiring arrangement because a blank canvas is boring. This is why I think you have talent.



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          Just a side note here...This post is over 8 months old. This student and this project have probably moved on by now...






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