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  • Royalty Free Images

    Can you please suggest me the best site for royalty free images can download. Because i need to find some images for my blog posts. I am using pixabay. But i cannot find relevant images in pixabay.

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    Royalty free images are not free. Royalty Free means they have a single payment fee attached for relatively unlimited usage (up to a certain point.)

    If you are looking for really free, there are sources out there, but be careful they don't require payment for commercial use. Usually they are limited to personal use. I don't know any off the top of my head. I'm not usually allowed to use images where I can't get a real name on a release, or where the source material might be questionable.


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      I'll have to check out this site you brought up. I pay for Adobe which comes with extra things like this.


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        Gonna say it again, anything free is potentially a headache.

        And I don't want to hear designers talk about the devaluation of their industry when they do the same thing to photographers...

        What usually happens on free stock sites is that anything of any quality will have been downloaded 100s if not 1000s of times. That means the image is out there in a lot of places for a lot of different uses and maybe has developed a meaning through association. If you can find a royalty free image or even a rights managed image that is equal to or better than the free image for a few credits or a couple hundred bucks, you offer your client a slightly more ''custom'' look. Of course, stock is stock, and the popular ones do get used a lot. That's part of the designer's job though. Finding a unique voice for their client's message. Emphasis on unique.

        A few years ago there was this picture of two hands in a handshake. We saw that same image probably 30 times over the next year or so. It appeared on several of the various credit stock sites (credit stocks are basically ''royalty free'' due to their fee structure) so the usage count seemed low when it was not. It got to be quite funny. What made it even funnier is not too long after, I was given a graphics standard for a financial institution, we were doing some graphics for them, and that image appeared in the standard - - - with a red circle and a slash thru it as an example of the type of stock not to be used as too cliche and overused.
        Much merriment.
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