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Best background for instagram food photos?

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  • Best background for instagram food photos?

    Shuold is use a white background for my food photos on instagram or a greenscreen ?

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    If it were me, I'd look on instagram and see what other people are using.
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      I think it depends on context of the photo. I doubt a green screen is going to be commonly used in food photography. Most photos I've seen just use a white background of your trying to highlight the food or if they are for a restaurant or something they might be taken on a table or something.

      Just remember proper lighting and, a decent camera, and touch it up in phot oshop if need be.

      Good luck,


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        Food is one of the worst subjects to photograph. There's a whole art to making food appear appetizing, mostly by doing all kinds of unappetizing things to it. A photog friend of mine was into it for a while and he called it being a Food Fluffer. LOL.

        As for background, it's all about the context. Unless you are doing chromakey effects, why would you need a green screen? If you are doing background removal black or white or some other contrasting color to the food and serving device helps. Otherwise, it's all about what the image is being used for, the sense of the ambiance being conveyed and the current branding of the client involved.

        Instagram, seems to me, is just a bunch of ''look what I'm having for supper'' shots taken at a table in various states of disarray, but my acquaintance with that venue is pretty close to none. If you are doing work for a client's instagram you need to be a little more creative than white or greenscreen.


        • HotButton
          HotButton commented
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          Heh...I've directed a few shoots where food was involved (the product was cooking appliances), and the photographer did his own fluffing. I remember his toolbox having modeling clay, paint, spray lacquer, etc.

        • PrintDriver
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          Don't forget shaving cream and motor oil.

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        imagination, good camera and proper lighting - all you need


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          I thought the idea of Instagram was non-studio shot, so you really are shooting what happens to be on your table + the table.

          Green screen is used mainly in video work and may be a problem with food that contains vegetables.


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            If you have a problem with green screen, you use a blue one. Though not quite sure what Chromakey has to do with Instacrap.


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              Thanks, PeterBreis for your different urls that helping us to take images for Instagram.


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                As per my opinion, you should opt for bright colours and white is the best option, to begin with...I would suggest opting for sky-blue ..






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