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How to make nice picture from cellphone?

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  • How to make nice picture from cellphone?

    Hi everyone, I'm building my website, Anyone has tips to improved pictures quality from Samsung J7 Pro.

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    What are you shooting? Outdoor scenery? Product "hero" shots? People? Food?

    To get substantive help, you might have to be more specific as to your objectives and exactly how you're failing to achieve them. "Quality" can mean a hundred different things, and when it comes to shooting photos, most of the quality happens before and during the exposure. A poor quality image can be improved by color correcting, lightening, darkening, sharpening, etc., and those measures may result in it looking better, but generally speaking, fundamental "image quality" cannot be increased.
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        I did some research and I found out that a good tip that will make your pictures better is to change their size. The most friendly size is 16:9 (9.6), the resolution will be 4128x2322. A suitable Instagram size is 1:1, if you are going to do some promotion for your website there. Another thing is the focus and exposure, as well as the option you have for various filters which can contribute to the quality. Good luck!


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          My iPhone 6 defaults to Auto mode every time the camera is activated, and Auto seems to think you want low rez blurry Instacrap photos. I've found that you have to tell the damn phone to take the picture in HDR. If you don't tell it to do that, it takes some sort of watercolor filter shot that doesn't work at all well for anything.

          Now, I may have a setting wrong, as I hate that phone and have no inclination to learn to become an expert at using it. But if you are going to use a phone to take photos you deem ''serious,'' learn all you can from the documentation on the phone itself. You can look that up just as well as anyone here.


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            Today we got lots of editing option in an android phone. Meanwhile your use other editing apps to edit an image according to your requirements.






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