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I want suggestions for photography website

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  • I want suggestions for photography website

    Hello friends, I have created website on photography. I wants yours suggestions. Which topic should I add in my site and how I make my website more attractive.
    Austin Parkar

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    mmmm link?


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      austinparkar, I had to delete your sig, it violated forum rules. You are allowed ONE discreet link TO YOUR PORTFOLIO in your sig. Advertising is not allowed.

      From the forum rules:

      1. Do not advertise here. ONE discreet link to your Graphic design portfolio in your signature is acceptable, but blatant advertising and commercial links are not. (This includes posting referral links and links to other forums.) Please see this thread for more information about signatures.

      Advertising in private messages is also not allowed. (If anyone receives any spam advertising in a private message, please click the small triangular red and white icon in the upper right side of the PM header bar. This will alert the admin and moderators so we can take care of it.)
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        I know this thread is old, but today a lot of people build websites, so the information given here can be useful for someone. I think, using of a special website buillder is a good choice in this case. There are builders created for photographers, and I find them to be very helpful and easy-to-use. If you can't decide which one to choose, there are reviews where you can read the information about the most popular web builders and compare them. Hope it helps!
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          Thank you Tracy222 for giving this link. This website carries lots of material and information. Thanks for sharing it.






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