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    cheers NYC - yeah i am learning quickly that the camera is very limited. at the mo i can't afford to splash out so a film SLR may well be the way to go.

    To be honest though it does take some really nice shots but as for leaving the shutter open for effect etc. i can't do it.

    In most cases i can do what i need to do in PS to get the requirerd effect. but it's not the same is it.
    cheers for the advice dude.


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      Easy Color Correction

      I'll show you how to quickly and easily color correct photos without getting to complicated. It works for the Photoshop gurus and all the way down to the Photoshop novices. I use it regularly and I'm somewhere in the middle.

      Take this sample photo I took of a squirrel.

      It's ok, but the colors aren't very rich. There is a slight color mask over it.

      Go to Image> Adjustments > Levels and you should have something like this.

      First we are going to use the eye droppers in the lower corner.

      The first one is for the darkest region, second for you midtones, and lastly for you brightest white. We're going to use the darkest one and the lightest one.

      Next you have to find what is suppose to be the whitest white in your photo and the darkest dark, like a shadow. We're going to use to remove the mask and set a "high" "low" for the picture.

      For my photo the darkest black will be in the squirrel's eye and the white in the sky behind him.

      Less be more.


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        Now, you just grab the first (black) eye dropper in the levels and click on your darkest dark. You do the reverse for the last (white) eye dropper. Click "OK" and BAM!

        Photoshop did all the work for you. All you had to do was identify the darkest dark and the whitest white. The photo is richer and more crisp. It has alot more depth and it was quick and easy to remember unlike other methods. This method relies less on your feel or knowledge of color.

        There are limitations to this method, but it is fairly powerful for the time it takes. You can run into problems where you don't have a good black or good white or both.
        Less be more.


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          Poor mans macro

          You need:
          - A digital compact camera
          - A SLR-lens (preferable a 50mm)
          - Some kind of home-made setup to make it stay in correct positions

          On your compact camera, zoom as much as you can. Arrange the camera and the SLR-lens to be aligned so that the compact is "seeing" into the lens. The trick is to have the SLR-lens backwards when in front of the compact camera. Move your desired object against the 50mm rear end until it get's sharp.

          It's over a year ago since I tested this, but it worked fine. I used a Canon Powershot A520 and an old Praktica 50mm lens. The images are resized and Unsharp Masked, unless other things are stated.

          The side of a match box.

          A pencil

          A ruler.

          100% crop of the image over.


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            thanks so much for this post for someone whoís interested in learning more about photojourn / events / wedding photography, your site has been very helpful! it was the main reason as to why i decided to get my first prime lens (35mm f/1.8). now that iíve tried it i canít think of going back. actually, i love primes and went to the point of selling my kit and other variable aperture lens. unfortunately though, iím still struggling with obtaining my own f/2.8 as theyíre too expensive. do you have other lens that you think is affrodable and at the same time, would be a good walkaround lens (besides the f2.8s)? iím using a D90 and currently contemplating on whether i should get a 50mm f1.4G or the 85mm f1.8. i want a medium tele that will do the job during low lights and natural lighting.
            anyway, thanks for discussing . now iíve learned something and iím planning to apply it in my next captures. cheers and please continue sharing your thoughts to us. i would love to learn more on wedding photog from someone who is as good as you.


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              thanks so much for this nice tips regarding image color balancing, i need to know what we do when a image has its very dark color presence in it, i tried to balance it many times but can't get the best results.

              i hope i will get solution of it here.


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                Thanks a lot for sharing your information about this post and from your post I got so much useful knowledge and please keep share this type of information.........


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                  Quick Guide to Manual Settings in Photography

                  After loads of reading & researching when i 1st got into dlsr photography, i decided i needed to have something like this handy in my camera bag until i get to grips with it all. So i put this together & thought i'd share it too.


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                    Nice little guide jimmygtr.

                    If you want to use an external flash mounted on the hot shoe of your camera, you might experience severe shadows being cast from the subject you are shooting if you point the flash directly at it. Two easy ways to fix this problem:

                    1. If you are shooting indoors, or somewhere with a ceiling - point the flash up towards the ceiling and make the light from the flash bounce off before it hits the subject.

                    2. Make your own softbox. Here's one of many guides online:

                    I made one many years ago, and here's the result:

                    Without the softbox:

                    With the softbox:


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                      Thanks you for tutorial.


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                        it is sug

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                          Hello members!

                          I give you next good stuff into your photo library - website PictureFrog.
                          You can download here photos for absolutely free (both personal & commercial use without atribution). Each week new pieces, so enjoy and if u like, share it :-)

                          Thank you very much!


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                            See there at the given link and learn how to take professional-looking photographs using these simple tips and digital photography techniques.
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                              I just wanna add to all comments some words
                              1. Donít buy very expensive equipment right away.
                              2. Consider a tripod.
                              3. Make a list of shots youíd like to get.
                              4. Take advantage of free resources to learn.
                              5. Experiment with your cameraís settings.
                              6. Take photos regularly.


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                                Zombie thread.
                                Sketching not only helps you work out good ideas, it helps you get past the bad ones.






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