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Post processing Tips for images with shadow and highlight clipping

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  • Post processing Tips for images with shadow and highlight clipping

    Hi guys,

    Do you have any tips for helping out photo quality in which clipping has occurred either on the shadow, highlight, or both? I have read as much information as I can, and please keep in mind I know minimal information about photography itself, but my histogram is showing the image's 'dynamic range has exceeded what the camera can capture.' That was of course what I learned on my own from other information.

    If that is the case I think it is telling me (Correct me if I'm wrong) I have very little pixel info pertaining to the image due to such severe highlights and shadows. When I review the histogram I notice a decent tonal range, but the peaks are very low so little information is present. Again, if I am not correct here feel free to share your wisdom o' wise ones

    When highlights and shadows are clipped what approaches do you take to retrieve a little more information? I know it's difficult to correct, but thought I would get ask.

    Thanks so much!

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    Altering tonal and value balances can do wonders for a reasonably good photo, but it can only accentuate or downplay what's already in the file. It can't pull information out of a shadow or a highlight that was never there in the first place.






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