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  • Lighting kit for a starter?

    I am considering getting a lighting/backdrop kit. I take food photos and also product shots of small to medium sized items. I am currently using natural light and white paper as a backdrop. Some food photos may need a table setting which is why I am going for a backdrop rather than a light cube tent. I a™m currently considering this kit:

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    • 2 x Photo Studio Aluminum Light Holder/Stands(adjustable 80-210cm range)
    • 2 x Photo Studio Light Stand ball base(single port, NZ Plug)
    • 2 x Premium 33'' Black & Silver Nylon Studio Umbrella Reflectors
    • 1 x Studio Backdrop Support Stand (with carry bag) Adjustable 1-2m wide, 0.8-2mm high
    I'll also need bulbs and black and/or white backdrops. I do not have much space at my place so this will have to be set up and packed away between each shoot. Will this be a hassle to do? Is a tent better for products and why? Any advice or tips appreciated!
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    Sounds like that will add about at least a half hour to your shoot time if you have to setup and pack up before and after each shoot.

    As you may know, I work on a lot of product photography; from a touch up stand point, anything with a reflective surface (chrome, glossy hard plastics, glass etc) is better when shot in a tent... but I don't like people or whatever else that is behind the camera on products. It's not such a big deal for things that are going to be used at catalog size, but if/when a product shot gets used on something much larger, say the side of a semi trailer, the messy desk and provocative wallpaper on the computer in your studio space can become a little more obvious. (Not that I'm assuming you have provocative wallpaper on your computer, I've just encountered that before in product images)
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      Take this info knowing I am not a pro photographer and have only done a set up like this for photos for Etsy (huge grain of salt). However, I bought a large opaque storage tub (about $6) and two clamping flood lights (about $10 each) at a hardware store. I set up my product shot inside the tub to block out anything else in the room and clamp the lights to the edge of the tub, pointing in. When I'm done I put the lights in the tub and it's neatly put away. This may not suffice for what you're trying to do, but those lights are super bright and since they clamp I can position them just about anywhere. Just my two cents.
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        That's really great...


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          Sounds awesome to me. I'm curious - what do you do with the food pics? You own a restaurant?






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