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    Over the years I've managed to figure out my ideal workstation in many regards. Ideal computer, software, accessories, peripherals, analog tools (pens, paper, sketchbooks), etc. But there have always been two things that I've struggled with finding the "right" one of. One is a monitor, and I'm on a constant crusade to find the ideal product there. The other is my chair.

    I've had all sorts of chairs. Cheap ones from the local big-box office supply store, up to my current Hawroth Zody. None of them really have been ideal. The Hawroth, as expensive as it is, leaves much to be desired still.

    I'm looking at selling off the used Hawroth and trying to buy something else with the money, which means I'll probably have around $200-300 to spend. Any suggestions?

    What chair do you use and how has it worked out for you?

    FYI, I have knee problems and the biggest issue I seem to have with chairs is knee pain due to the posture the chair puts me in. So knee pain sufferers especially, let me know what has worked for you.

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    I'm pretty much sold on Herman Miller chairs. I have one of their Mirra chairs at work and an Aeron here at home. Both are really nice, but they're also really expensive. Just my opinion, but the price is well worth it if you've got your but parked in front of a computer for most of the day.


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      +1 for the HM Aeron chair. How do you think the chair posture exacerbates your knee pain? Do you think a low-ish foot rest would help?
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        Originally posted by PanToshi View Post
        ...How do you think the chair posture exacerbates your knee pain? Do you think a low-ish foot rest would help?
        I think it's the shape of the seat, curving up slightly just under the knee. It's also the lack of a recline lock, which I feel forces me to position my legs a little differently to keep the chair upright.

        Anyone know anything about the Alera Elusion series? I've heard they're the poor man's HM. Although not all that cheap running at around $200.


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          One warning though, I have the Herman Miller Caper Task Chair and it's horribly uncomfortable. There is a metal bar that runs under your thigh, even sitting on a pillow it's a nightmare. All that for only $600, yeah.


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            Whatever I found in a college or basically the typical up high drafting chair. that can spin and be screwed up or down with a place to rest your feet






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