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intense bluish cast in a display

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  • intense bluish cast in a display

    I am purchasing a new laptop. This laptop is reviewed by Notebookcheck. In the article is says that the display has a very intense bluish cast that cannot be eliminated.

    "A precise analysis using CalMAN and the colorimeter immediately reveals a very intense bluish cast that cannot be eliminated via calibration. The grayscales and color look much bluer than they should according to the reference color space. The saturation in the blue hues is also greatly overemphasized. Although this remains similar after calibration, the colors at least come closer to the reference values due to an increased red part. Calibration particularly improves the grayscale's very high shift to a very low shift from the reference values."

    Does anyone know how badly would this affect my user experience (semi-professional)?

    In the review itself they added before and after calibration data (in the display section)


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      Originally posted by saltwater232 View Post
      Does anyone know how badly would this affect my user experience (semi-professional)?
      Well, if it has a bluish cast that can't be eliminated, I sure wouldn't buy it. Color accuracy in graphic design is important.


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        I was still trying to decipher "semi-professional." In Graphic design, you either are, or aren't.


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          Don't forget "shouldn't be."

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        Some of those reviews are a little more concerning than a bluish cast, namely the build quality being poor and the keyboard scratching the screen. As a designer I wouldn't buy it because of the colour issue which appears to require a lot of attention (based on other reviews). As a working professional I wouldn't buy it because of the quality issues mentioned in the article AND the ones brought forth in the comments.
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