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  • stock photography (series or sets)

    I'm trying to find stock photography that is organized into sets or a series. I would like to find a series of images that share the same theme, and want to AVOID a group of shots of just one object taken from different perspectives. Obviously the look and feel of each image would be identical, to create the feeling of a series. Any suggestions as to where I might might this? Thanks! W.

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    it's all in how you write your search string. Then it's all in how you select your objects. Stock sites don't do this for you, though some sites are set up with some over-arching themes. They'll contain thousands of photos though.

    For instance, the way I would do it:
    Let's say I want a bunch of isolated bee images that look like a series
    1. I'd go to a stock site and do a search for: Bee Isolated
    2. I'd find one bee I like.
    3. I'd search the photographer's name and take a quick look if he or she has more than one bee image.
    4. Then I do a further scope-in using the search function under that photographer's name. Sometimes you get lucky, if they are a prolific photographer.

    As a random result, this is what I ended up with. This was a totally random, first pick result. As I said, sometimes you get lucky.


    Or here is one of search term: child with birthday balloons

    Is this what you mean?
    Or is this what you are trying to avoid?

    Can you give us a for-instance of what you consider a series?
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        Sorry, the shutterstock link above should be:


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          Hi PrintDriver,

          Thank you for your rapid response and helpful suggestions.

          I should have provided an example to help clarify what I am looking for. So here is a "for-instance." In this case it is a series or collection of photographs taken by Ansel Adams:

          Notice that the object or perspective is always different, but you can tell all of the photos are taken in the same place and they all have the same emotional feel (partly because they're all black and white).

          Is it possible to find stock photography that is organized into this type of series or collection?

          Thanks again!


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            You sort of answered your own question and you did pretty much what I did. You isolated a photographer by name.
            My additional steps of using the stock sites to find an image in the theme I am searching only starts the process and gives you some names.

            There are probably 100s of sites out there that are not stock sites but are actually single photographers licensing their own stock. I work with several that do the stuff my clients are interested in.

            But I can't honestly think of a site that sorts by ''look''.
            But really it's all about keywords.
            Sometimes it's about a photographer's special interest.

            You might give Nat Geo Creative a try. Most of their stuff is organized by photographer, even though the site searches like a normal stock site.
            Not knowing what your end purpose is, you might find their stuff a bit spendy. But superb. I wish I had clients with budgets that could afford it more often.
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