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Camera reccomentations - lenses for both film and digital?

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  • Camera reccomentations - lenses for both film and digital?

    I'm looking into getting a digital SLR. I will mostly play around with it, but I would also like to be able to use it for print or web graphics occasionally.

    I'd like to be able to get a film body later and use the same lenses. My price range is under 1000. I've been looking at the Pentax K100D and the Canon Digital Rebel XTi. Anyone have any recommendations or other information?

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    I just got the Pentax K100D for Christmas and it rules!!!. I was debating over that and the Rebel also because I'm usually always buying Canon. A few things that drove me towards the Pentax were: The solidness of how it felt in your hands, the Canon was kinda cheap feeling. The Pentax has anti-shake. It had a bigger lcd for previewing at the time, I think Canon upgraded the Rebel. You can use just about any of the Pentax film lenses ever made on the K100D, which is really cool. Also I think the Pentax has a cooler "indie" vibe about it, while Canon has a "sheep vibe". However I still like Canon, just saying... Lastly the price put it over the edge. Go to a store and feel them out for yourself even if you don't buy it there and see which one you honestly like better. You really can't go wrong with either though.


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      canon can

      Hi, I've got 2 Canon SLR cameras - the 300D (which is the UK version of the Digital Rebel, I think) and also an EOS 1000n. All the lenses are interchangable, however I think that there's some slight reduction in quality if you were to use a conventional SLR lens rather than one specifically designed for use on a digital SLR. (something to do with the sensor at the back of the camera). having said that, I love the canon - always takes much better photos than I deserve!
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        depends on how much you're wanting to spend....

        i opted for a fujifilm s5000 working great for me, but took me a while of playing with the options to take decent action photos



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          I just went ahead and ordered the Pentax K100D and piles of filters and things from Amazon. I will post pictures as soon as I can! Thanks for the information.
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            I have the Canon Rebel XTI and love it. The only thing I wish I had that I dont is the ability to connect to strobes if I wanted to some day. I'm not there yet but I guess when I am then I will have to upgrade.
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