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Canon photostitch and QTVR

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  • Canon photostitch and QTVR

    Canon photostitch and QTVR

    Sorry - i think i posted this question in the wrong foirum just now so i am putting it here is the tech photo one.

    i am considering buying a canon s3 IS (or one in that series), (mostly because of the tilt/rotate viewer screen).
    I understand that canons come with photostitch for panoramas and here's my question - what do i need to turn that flat panorama into a "barrel" QTVR file (these open in quicktime and rotate with a click and drag.)
    i have used these on websites - very useful for real estate and B&B presentation - i have a high end landscape design site underway and i think the panorama might be god there. the person who makes these here is using an old apple software that is no longer available and runs on OS9 only.

    i called canon tech and they knew nothing about converting to QTVR, so i am guessing photostitch doesn't do it.

    is there an inexpensive software for this? has anyone done much with QTVR and have some suggestions for me?


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    here's what a google search of qtvr came up with:

    hope that helps.
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      thanks - i had seen that and will investigate - was wondering if anyone has used QTVR and have specific recommendation for me?


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        looks like cubic converter is the best deal for making the QTVR ad cubic connector for inserting hotspot s for hyperlinks.

        in case anyone else is interested in what i found.






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