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  • Beginner's Camera Set Up has become one of my favoriite photography-related blogs. The basic premise is how to achieve great images with nothing more than an off-camera flash, some basic knowledge, and creativity.

    His latest blog entry, however, focuses on assembling an inexpensive, yet, scalable camera set up.

    We see a lot of beginner questions about recommendations for cameras, lenses, and other equipment, so hopefully this blog post will be truly helpful:

    Chips, Glass and Light: Assembling an Inexpensive Camera Bag


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    nice find, Steve. Thanks for sharing.
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      Boo for Nikon. JK they're both good.
      Strobist is a great site for learning and then learning some more.
      Former GD. Current Photographer


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        Thanks Steve-o. Consider it bookmarked.
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