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digital picture frames do TIF or just jpeg?

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  • digital picture frames do TIF or just jpeg?

    We've been scanning about 40 years worth of old family slides into our hard drive using a Nikon ls-50 film scanner (600 dpi). It never occurred to me to pay any attention as to what format it saved in. The idea was to get one of those digital photo frames for our parents for Christmas, and have a bunch of these slides preloaded and ready to go on a SD card.

    Unfortunately, the frames I've found don't do the TIF format, which is what the Nikon saves in. Does anyone know of one that does? I think I can do a batch conversion using Irfanview, but I don't know what will happen to:
    1. The quality of the photo

    2. The size of the file.

    Anyone have any ideas?


    Oh yeah, I checked the documentation with the Nikon, hoping I could change the file format it saved things in, but had no luck.
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    I would just batch save them all to JPG. If it 'plays' on a TV-like screen it will be 72 DPI output, so your 300 DPI images should appear just fine on them...
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      1. Photo Quality

      - Well, the photo quality will go down if you save as jpeg. But, assuming that you save as a high quality jpeg, there shouldn't be any visible difference.

      2. File Size

      - Will go down. Way, way down.


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        Even if you use .jpg the quality will still look good. What is the size of the frame? 4x6, 5x7? at those sizes you should be fine converting to jpg.


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          JPG. This is what they were born to do. Frankly, at the screen rez of most of these units, you'd never notice.

          We gave our boss who left a few months back one of these as a going away gift. He loves it! (We even preloaded a few 'gag' shots from the gang here for the presentation.)

          I wish I could afford one! They're really neat.






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