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A dirt cheap 'Cintiq'?

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  • A dirt cheap 'Cintiq'?

    I think this has been out for about a year. That site is so poorly translated it's difficult to understand the details, and my other attempts at finding more info were pretty dry.

    I do understand that it's just under $200. It uses ultrasonic sensor technology. It uses a wire to connect the pen to the unit. You don't actually draw on your LCD screen (that would be very risky!) but on a hard acrylic overlay.

    Pressure sensitivity seems to be an option-- but not tilt.

    That's about all I've gleaned.

    Has anyone else ever seen or used one of these?

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    Broacher, I can ask our interactive tech. They may have used them for an exhibit that lets kids draw based on provided artwork.
    Gonna have to wait til Monday though.


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      They would have been mounted inset into a tabletop bezel though. That would give you your tilt.


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        Tilt? Sorry, I meant 'tilt' as in a tablet data stream. If it worked reasonably well on a LCD monitor, I was thinking of taking that off the stand and trying it as a 'laptop monitor/tablet'. Much as I love my Intuos, I admit that I lust for the ability to 'draw on screen'. Mostly because I do my best work when I can hold the 'board' on my lap and rotate when necessary.

        From what I've been reading, the evolution of the Tablet PC is about to take another big leap into popularity. I've seen ones that combine Wacom/screen pressure sensitive technology. Definitely out of the broacher budget now, but I'm more hopeful for the coming years.


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          You could always try building one yourself.


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            So the final question is, how much did all these parts (time costs aside) run our good friend Mr. Northcott? Roughly 100 ($190), a heckuva savings by any measurement.
            I see the time costs aside part: but how much is 5 months of time worth??
            GNP @ work


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              That's five months of doing stuff in your spare time - that says nothing about how many hours were actually spent on it. Though you'd have to guess a lot.

              Besides, plenty of people do this sort of thing for fun. Not me, but I did used to flat with some guys who whenever they bought anything had to take it apart and rebuild it, only better.






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