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    I'm looking for some input on some "cutters". We have a "one shop stop" business out in the midwest. We can design and print everything from brochures and small 12x18 posters on a Xerox docucolor to printing large posters and wallpaper on a Roland inkjet.

    We've had serveral orders for posters and newsletters that can be printed on the Xerox but have had a problem with the cost of paying someone to manually cut off the bleed. Does anyone have any suggestions for this a better way or equipment that we should look at purchasing?

    Also, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on where I could find a 8 foot -10 foot paper cutter that can be used for cutting off the bleed on tradeshow graphics and other large format printing that we do.


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    You want new or used?
    The rep who sold you the Roland should be able to help you out for new.
    Check around the various sign forums or wide format magazines in their classifieds or used equipment sections if you want used.

    8' or 10' paper cutters...I'm not so sure about. Usually tradeshow graphics are rather custom and usually done by hand. You can set up a table with one of those tracked rotary cutters but sometimes the hassle of aligning on the track is worse than laying down a corked back, heavy straight-edge.


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      We cut all our large pieces by hand too. Our largest trimmer is about 5 feet.
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        have you tried the industrial / business section of ebay ?
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          I have Rotatrim 'tracked' rotary cutters. One 18" and one 54" or so. Its more of a pain to use than the Maped cutters (railed ruler) though. No real machine to do the work, but the smaller Rotatrim make quick work of Tabloid Extra, etc.
          The Maped cutter/slide cutter is very quick and used on all of our large digital prints. Much quicker than a blade/ruler and usually looks better.


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            We have a 'IDEAL' gilotine - its hand operated but it'll cut through a ream of paper very easily, works well on our short runs. They come in a number of different sizes and are alot better than using a ruler and knife!!






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