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    For 3 or 4 years we had a contract with a printer whose primary business was publishing phone books. We hired them to print 100,000-plus copies of various boilerplate information booklets on newsprint,...
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    All of that stuff is disabled because it didn't really work and it caused bugs in other areas. Right now we are in a holding pattern as far as this forum software goes. The forum is coming under new ownership...
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    Comment on InDesign data merge advice…
    I was too aggressive setting the keeps and got an unexpected result. I didn't see this until I got home…I'll post in detail tomorrow when I get to work.
    Today, 10:26 PM
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  • Portraiture Photoshop help

    You prob had this question asked many times before but I really want to know how people get their photos to look so perfect.
    Like this:
    or even something simple like this:
    Looks better than my photos.
    I have this photo but it just doesn't look good.

    This is the original photo I took

    And this is the best I can get it.

    Using this tutorial:

    But it still doesn't look that good. The colour and lighting isn't good.
    Any tips, tutorials, or ideas I can use to improve the photo.

  • #2
    Make the shot as close to perfect in the camera as you can - don't depend on Photoshop to salvage a bad photo.

    Watch the shadows.

    Always use fill flash outdoors.
    Columbus, Ohio is not off the map.


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