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PEN TABLET: Who uses one?

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  • PEN TABLET: Who uses one?

    My school just received the Wacom Intuos 4 small pen tablets.

    I wanted to ask:

    How many here actually use a pen tablet for design work?

    If so, how often -and- do you find it actually more helpful than a mouse?

    I think the pen tablet is super neat, and I'd love to have one day. I think that it would be extremely helpful for PS and AI programs.

    Thank you very much.

    Intuos 4
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    I find the pen useful for Photoshop work. Not so much for Illy or Indesign stuff as I find it's easier to do points with a mouse as a pen isn't as steady as a bar of soap.

    It's a good idea to switch between both pen and mouse during the day to vary your position so that you run less risk of work related injuries.
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      I have a Wacom Bamboo Fun Medium.

      I bought it back in Fall 2008 to make use of the tablet features only in PS and Ill CS4. I don't use it as much as I wish, but I'm trying. I believe I would use it more if I had one at work where I do majority of my work.

      I does feel strange using a pen tablet, but the more you use it the less strange it feels. And yes, it is more helpful than a mouse.
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        I have a graphire that I use almost exclusively.
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          Yes, IT DOES feel strange!

          I used it for a few minutes today.
          Definitely need some practice to get use to it.

          Yes, you do need one at work.
          You can't get one at work or transport from home -or- too much trouble?
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            Hi BeautyNut!
            Have you checked out The Art of Wacom thread? It's near the top of the General Design section. There's some neat artwork in there - all done with Wacom tablets/pens.


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              Nope not all ... mine are with the Digi Pro tablet
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                Haven't heard of Digi Pro (just looked it up). Do you mind having a battery in the pen or is it no big deal? I've got a Wacom Graphire (had it for years), and was thinking about getting an Intuos while my better half is in school (discount!). But he surprised me with a Vistablet - after all, they're all the same, aren't they!!! It's still in the box a year later. One of these days I'll try it out, but it's so darn big, I'll have to clean my desk off to use it.
                And Kitty - nice painting with your Digi Pro.


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                  My day job has been providing all the graphic designers with Wacom tablets for years, I got addicted and had to buy one for home too. It's weird though, I am naturally left-handed with a pen (and Wacom pen), but right-handed for mousing - so I had to relearn all the keyboard shortcuts with my other hand when I switched to the Wacom. But I find the Wacom to be quicker to use in general than a mouse is (and i no longer have a mouse connected at all, i use the wacom exclusively). Also, the tablet impresses the pants off clients who have no idea about these fangled contraptions!!!


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                    well i have used one in the past and i am hoping to get one soon! they are useful for any kind of art i think ether in photoshop or illustrator. i guy with every one here once you use it your addicted.


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                      I use a tablet and it's all I use, all day long. I have a couple of them. At the moment I have one attached to the laptop and one attached to the Mac at the office. My poor PC is the only one stuck with a mouse, but it's so slow it doesn't matter much anyways.
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                        Thanks Callendale

                        ... and no I don't mind at all ... I've had it for 5 years and haven't had to replace the battery yet
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                          ^ That's like my vibrator!

                          Okay... so who's up for some shared doodling?



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                            TMI borahcer i have an intuos 2 and its still kickin. def fun to use once you get used to it

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                              A tip I got from someone when I bought my first tablet a few years ago was to put the mouse away. Seriously - unplug it and put it in a drawer and promise yourself you won't bring it back out for at least a week. You'll fight and struggle and be slow for a few days but after that week - you'll feel just as comfortable and confident with the tablet as you do the mouse - and then once you're comfy again - you can bring your mouse out and introduce the two to eachother. Bliss usually ensues.
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