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    Originally posted by Audentia View Post
    Anyone know if the Nikon CoolPix are decent point and shoots?
    I want the red one.
    lol! That's what I'm getting! I had a Nikon swivel body camera about 8 years ago and I loved it. I'm sure it's come a long way since then. I've found a Nikon D3000 that comes free with a Nikon L20 Coolpix so I think I'm going to get both. The Nikon D3000 isn't red, but at least I might get a red point and shoot.

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      yep that L20 is the one I have been eyeing!
      Not able to get it before Xmas and didnt' put it on any lists, but I have a birthday soon. And as much as Dave's awesome D80 is great, it doesn't work when we want just quick snapshots and stuff. So thought if I owned a little camera we would be set.
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        Deep Red, Shiny Pink, Magenta... So many decisions!
        Ned Yeung, A.C.E.


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          Oh, and if you're a fan of Medium Format you can't forget this pretty Holga...

          Ned Yeung, A.C.E.


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            I couldn't honestly tell you what kind of camera I have right now. It's pink (I originally had the grey one, but it broke and all they had to replace it was the pink version). Got it at walmart on sale after christmas last year.

            All I know about it is that it takes GREAT pictures for what I need it for, and better pictures than some of the photographers the fire department has hired to "capture" special events....

            .... then again, it might be that I have superhuman skills when it comes to photography. My wife has spent DAYS at the park with the twins (2 years old now!) trying for that "perfect" photo of them together... I lay down in the grass with my pink, got it on sale, walmart camera and in 10 minutes I have a half dozen photos that are frame worthy.

            Years ago, I purchased my first digital camera, an HP. Don't remember the model. Lets just say I splurged and upgraded to the 64mg SD card!

            That camera was indestructible!

            It was left for 3 days in a snow bank once. I took it with me into at least 4 different structure fires (with some pretty good heat... our training fires cap out at 900 degrees for safety reasons, I believe, and the real thing is MUCH hotter!). And probably its most glorious achievement is accidently being launched from one of the rides at Playland where it hit the back wall and smashed into a dozen pieces. I was able to put it back together during lunch and took pictures with it for at least another year before it finally packed it in.

            Now I miss that old camera....
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