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6Tb hard drives with a 2Gb/sec transfer rate...

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  • 6Tb hard drives with a 2Gb/sec transfer rate...

    Careful that your drool pools don't short anything out.

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    I don't even know what to say to that...

    I should tell my boss we need to upgrade to something like that. Then when they say no, the price tag on the new Mac pros won't seem so bad....
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      You know, I haven't check the prices for the drive themselves, but I figure this is where we're all headed. (I wouldn't want to plan any long term investment strategy on hard drive manufacturing stock).

      Something tells me though, if you add up the cost of 24 of those drives, and the extra supplies, etc -- how close would the total be to say, a mid-range Mac system of 15 years back (using dollar inflation rates)? I'm guessing a lot closer than most would think. Proportionately, hardware is a much smaller chunk of the whole pie than it ever has been.


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          The bigger they are, the harder your crash.

          I truly believe, for right now, anything over a terabyte, maybe even over 500gigs should be set up as a Raid array. At least that way if one component crashes you have a pretty good chance of recovery.


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            I love how they casually insert the fire extinguisher before the build starts... thats the part that got me.

            I just love the setup... and the it was said in the details after the video that even though they distributed the load through the system (through raiding some drives on diff cards and the motherboard itself) they were still getting bottlenecked...

            God... thats crazy. Wait till somebody starts writing code on dynamic SSD partitioning to offset load on the primary RAM. Crazy.
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