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    On my weekly dose of "This week in InDesign Articles" from there is a great link to Sappi Fine Printer that shares some wonderful printing stuff!

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    The Standard:Prepress is interesting. It hits on a lot of good solid starting points but neglects a few major ones in the things it does bring up.

    For instance, when working Hi-rez/Lo-rez please DO NOT manipulate the actual Lo-rez image in any fashion. You can <usually> do what you want with the placed image and it will transfer, but no opening in Photoshop. I know it should go without saying but... you'd be surprised. I'm not exactly sure why anyone would need to work Hi/Lo any more anyway. InD and Quark use placeholder technology. Even in large format you can get some pretty image heavy multi-page files going without having to resort to Hi/Lo. It's a holdover from when earlier machines couldn't handle the processing load. Not so much an issue now. I'd recommend using Hi rez only, unless it is really causing you serious problems.

    And this is very good advice:
    Preparing Art Files
    Don’t let what you see on your monitor or on a laser printout lull you into thinking that your files are print ready. They may not be. Visually correct and mechanically correct are not one and the same. Most printers and service bureaus can relate countless stories about beginning to output a document and getting bogged down in conflicts and corrupt files. Sometimes their only option is to rebuild from scratch. Designers have greater control – and responsibility – over prepress than they may realize. But it requires designing with awareness of the needs and capabilities of the print production process each step of the way.
    You should make that one pdf a sticky. It crosses most printing output rules and if designers retain even half of it, that would make printing so much easier all around. Nice checklists at the end too.

    Thanks Eugene.
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      Yeh I'm still going through things on this - gonna print a lot of stuff out and hand it around to people.

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        LOL Eugene. And really - my last check of a print job is the PDF on screen. I have found that if something is off there - it needs to be fixed.My pre-press people told me so
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          And well - he is no longer working there - but told me how to mask, do rich black etc. I love companies that have pre-press folks that will actually help - as opposed to shoulder shrug and say "oh well".
          Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.






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            Hi Bilberryblue and welcome to GDF.

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            Hi Biabarrackus and welcome to GDF.

            This thread is over ten years old, but thanks for the input.

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