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  • Nikon D100

    Hi people,

    Just a quick question on what peoples thoughts are towards the Nikon D100.

    Its my first DSLR, but have used other DSLRs during college and borrowing a neighbors.

    Would be great to hear from you all,

    Bashall |

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    Eh its a good one to start with, old technology but will still get the job done. I shoot a Canon 30D which is also older technology but it still takes some seriously stunning pictures. Most cases its about the glass on the front and not about the body. Obviously a D3X will out perform the D100 but a D100 vs. a D40 I would say its all about the glass.

    A kit lens is good to start with, but higher end glass will get you much better results.


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      Here's a good comparison table on Nikon.

      I got a D3000 as my first DSLR and it is significantly cheaper than a D100 even though it is 3 generations newer. D100 has built in autofocus though so that means you can get cheap lenses without in built motors. D3000 needs built in motor lenses if you want to use autofocus. These lenses are more than double in price!

      So if you plan on buying lots of lenses, go fro the D100. It's more expensive, but lenses are cheap. If you plan on just using your kit lens, buy the D3000. It's cheap.
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        This was my first camera--picked it up on Ebay for $30. It had a Quantaray lens with broken Autofocus. It is also an incredibly beautiful camera. The shots this thing gets after these 13 years are still incredible to me, and it's got a really great look straight out of camera--except for the horrible aberration of the lens wide open at 28mm, this camera never gave me any photographic troubles and does not disappoint.






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