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    If careful is the limiting factor in durability, then I feel confident I'm about as careful as they come. I do think I'll go with a macbook pro. hadn't really considered any other mac since I settled on mac over pc. I'm still trying to get clear on whether to go with 2010 refurbished or the new 2011. I know I need a good graphics card. and want high resolution. lots of RAM. I don't care about the Thunderbolt technology as it's ahead of its time. I'll check out the other thread that discusses which laptop. thanks again.


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      Originally posted by Audentia View Post
      I respect that you think your MacBook Pros are amazing. That's cool you can post that.
      I disagree and like to give people more options.
      Hmmm, I hope we're not misunderstanding each other.

      I really don't think that MacBook Pros are any more or any less amazing than many other equivalent laptops. I was just agreeing with your comment about reliability, then backing it up with my own anecdotal experience of them being more fragile than desktop computers but more durable than might be expected if care is taken, as you suggested. And yes, you're right, weighing all the options is the best way to arrive at a conclusion. I certainly have no problem with someone preferring a traditional desktop computer or a tower (Apple, Dell, HP or whatever) if that's what works best for them.


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        oops. I meant to say that I hadn't considered any other mac laptops. when considering laptops. not that I wasn't considering other macs. which I was. obviously. as that was the title of the thread. of the laptops I think I'm set on a macbook pro. 15".






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