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photoshop tricks: going backwards

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  • photoshop tricks: going backwards

    I know a lot of artists are usually asked to turn a cloudy day into a sunny day, but I was recently asked to do the opposite. Does anyone know of any tips for accomplishing this?

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    When I put blue in the sky I use a simple blue to transparent gradient, try a gray one. You probably will want to clone some thunder or rainclouds too.


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      Perhaps find a stock photo with the same visual plane as the original with the cloud cover you're after and see if you can 'replace' the sky. This can be tricky though, as the coloration of everything under the sky may look artificial or strange with the change in sky. You may need to do some color correcting to get things to match and look natural.
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        I'd suggest cloning in clouds and color correction as well... maybe even a little desaturate and take down the exposure a bit on the original image as well?


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          Oh. Wow, awesome suggestions. But I think I needed to be more specific, because my problem is more complex.

          I am photoshopping a person from a group photo into a different group photo. The source photo: sunny day. The destination photo: cloudy day.

          Since I posted the question, I've recieved a thumbs up from my client, so the point is now a bit moot.

          But I appreciate the suggestions as they do sound very effective for that kind of work. I'll keep that in mind should I ever need to do that.

          My apologies for not being more clear up front.


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