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Laptop to consider for a workstation (except macs)

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  • Laptop to consider for a workstation (except macs)

    Hello, I want to get an opinion with people who has experience using laptop as main workstation for graphics and web coding. What Laptop Brand & Model can you recommend? Now before you start recommending, I know most of you here would recommend Mac. I for one would go for MacBook pro if I have a budget. But currently I just have a limited budget ($700-$800). What laptop alternative can you recommend?


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    In that price range, you'll need to short change yourself a bit on RAM, hard drive space and screen size, but it's still doable. Aside from the recommendations you might get about killer deals of various sorts, have you just tried getting on Dell's website and pricing the options? Really, brand names don't mean as much as some people think for the most part, the insides are built from the same mixture of components that all the brands use.

    It's a balancing act between getting the most memory, the biggest screen with the best color, the best video card, the biggest hard drive and the best quality you can for the price you can afford. And when it comes right down to it, the more you spend, the more you'll get. You can often get good deals on used laptops, but with those good deals comes increased risks.


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      Good suggestion <b>. I was hoping that who are into design industry could share their experience with other laptops. My girlfriend also has a Dell (inspiron 1440) laptop it's pretty fast and good price. I sometimes use it with Adobe cs4. I notice that the problem is in it's display, when I change the angle of my head the color also change. I don't what it's called... but that's what i'm trying to avoid for a laptop. I often see this on other laptops too.

      She's also planning to buy a portable external display, to have a more faithful view.

      Any recommendation and suggestion?



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        cooool !

        thats cool , thank you dude !






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