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Crop to Aspect Ratio - But only use 3 sides?

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  • Crop to Aspect Ratio - But only use 3 sides?

    Hi All,

    What product allows you to resize to an aspect ratio, but will only remove from the bottom and equally from the sides? These are "Headshots" so no cropping can be done from the top of the image - it would remove some hair and head.

    I need to convert images to a 3:4 aspect ratio but only remove from the bottom, and equal amounts from the sides of the image. What product(s) can do this? Many allow you to remove from the bottom, but this also removes from just one side. I have reviewed Irfanview, XNview, FastStone, etc.

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    It sounds like you want the crop area 'anchor' to be the centre-top, is that correct?

    I know that IrfanView only allows you top-l, top-r, bottom-l, bottom-r as the cropping anchor point. Hmm...

    I think I remember something. Back later.


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      Thanks Bob. This is all rather new to me and quite time consuming. One person suggested using the "Canvas Size" feature of Irfanview. It looks like I will need to resize all the images, at least to the short side dimension (300px).


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        Here's one I found, PC only though. But it seems stacked with features -- including the one I think you're after. There's a trial download option:


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          You can use photoshop for this and use the canvas size feature. You could even batch process all your images in one go.


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            Lightroom has easy automated tools to do this. ACDSee Pro might be worth checking, it has good batch tools but I'm not positive it can do the center/top cropping on its own.


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              Lightroom has a crop-from the top-center control? I haven't looked at it in a while, but are you sure about that? I checked FastStone, and it didn't. And like I said, IrfanView does not crop from centers, only corners.

              I might check with the guy here who has Lightroom on this.


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                Originally posted by Bob View Post
                Here's one I found, PC only though. But it seems stacked with features -- including the one I think you're after.
                Thanks Bob. I looked at this awhile back and didn't get past that fancy furniture (Recliner) on the home page. Farther down it explains the feature. I sent them an email to see if the product can do it. I'm not a fan of installing trial software unless it's a known fit, especially if the company purposely hides their location.


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                  To All,

                  Thanks so much for the help. I posted a job on "Elance" to have an app built that can do this. Bids range from $35-$110. But I have not given up on existing products.

                  The "Canvas Size" feature in applications does not appear to be a crop function. It adds border to meet size requirements or aspect ratios. Sorry, I don't have Photoshop or Lightroom.


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                    I don't remember if Lightroom had top-center. But I do know in version 3+ they added a cropping mode. You can set the aspect ratio you want, then quickly move the guidebox over each photo while cycling through them. It was quick to do an entire set that way.


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                      I'd take another look at 'Batch Image Resizer' if I were you. I read a few reviews, which seem to legitimize it's claims. And at $36, the bottom range of your software bids, I'd say it's a deal that'll get you lots of extra features. Here's a capture from their video that shows the cropping tab options:

                      The critical thing is that little position proxy. You want to crop from the top center position, that's where you'd do it.


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                        Bob, you're a stud sir!. Thanks for all the analysis and help. BinaryMark responded and said it can be done but all original images must be the same size (See below). My images are all different sizes.

                        "Yes it is possible with Batch Image Resizer, provided the original size is fixed, i.e. all are 2000 x 1700 pixels for example. Then you would use 2 actions: Best Fit to fit an image to a desired size without resizing, and then possibly Crop to additionally crop-out certain areas."

                        1. Selecting that "Top-Center" icon box will insure equal amounts are cropped from the sides.
                        2. Setting "y" to 0 will crop only from the bottom.
                        3. But "x" setting would be different for every image (I think).
                        Time to download and see if it will work.
                        Last edited by BJ12; 04-09-2012, 04:09 PM.


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                          I tried Batch Image Resizer. It requires I resize all the images but can crop from only the bottom and sides. So it's close, but no cigar.

                          Note: It was a nasty piece of trialware, launched my browser a half dozen times to their purchase page. After clearing browser cache, I went to Google, pop-up appeared stating cookies were disabled. Never seen that screen before, never touched those settings. I did an extensive clean of my PC to remove Batch Image Resizer.


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                            Yikes. De-studment!

                            Sorry mate -- hope you find something soon. You know, this might be one of those things that's best done with one of those old DOS evoked image utilities. I remember WAYYY back when I was first learning some PC image stuff like 3D and animation software, there were a whole bunch of these great little utilities that you'd launch with command/line switches that could batch process a directory full of files very, very quickly. Hmmm.


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                              Question: are the source images all the same size by any chance?






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