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mock up for business cards to show different attibutes.

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  • mock up for business cards to show different attibutes.

    Hi all,

    i am designing a business card at the moment for a company. they want to see 3-4 different textures of paper and some effects that can be applied on the logo or fonts, for example foil effect or gloss effect even engraving effect.

    my question is: is there any application that can show any of those effects. in other words am looking for an application or for a process with any adobe application that can demonstrate those kind of effects and paper textures in the form of mock up.

    i am not really sure if i have explained my situation right if not let me know.

    thanks in advance.


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    Not really. Best to ask the printing company to supply samples. They'd be happy to supply samples they have done in the past.

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      Physical samples are where it's at. You could fake them for onscreen proofing, but textures are something that need to be tactile and glosses/mattes/foils kind of lose their lustre on screen.
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        Calling your print shop is your best bet, we would have to have you come in to see the samples because we outsource our foils and embossing.


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          Any reputable print shop would have plenty of samples of what you need ready to send to you.


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            LOL, we don't! All our stuff's in a book.


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              We could give you samples, but you'd have to specify exactly what you want and we'd go and hunt a sample down. Wouldn't appreciate a stranger coming in and asking for one of everything of course.

              One thing to keep in mind is budget. You should ask for your client's budget before proceeding. Just in case the whole exercise is over budget and a waste of time. Foil, spot UV, embossing and specialty stocks are not cheap and often 3 to 4 times the going rate of standard full colour business cards. Sometimes you have to think, is this business card going to be 3 to 4 times more effective at it's job?
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                Originally posted by Designia View Post
                LOL, we don't! All our stuff's in a book.
                What do you do if someone wants to see samples? Have them come look through a book? What if they aren't local?


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                  thanks for all the info.

                  the problem is that the printers location is in another country (the business card is a tiny part of a massive project that involves a large number of print work so printing in another country reduces costs significantly). due to the nature of the job a card that is kinda "stylish" is required. i did some basic mocking with Photoshop to provide a very general idea of how the card will look like. Again having the actual paper texture and the printing effect is way more effective. I have already mentioned to my client that the best way is to check some samples together. Also, i have already told him that the price for printing with foil, gloss and textured paper is a higher compared to regular color print.

                  i will have details tomorrow. thank again for the info guys!







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