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Any help .. How should it be done?

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  • Any help .. How should it be done?

    Hi, I'm new in designing field, and i have an assignment for big dinner event design,but i can't understand some required definitions like Branding Material. Danglers, Mockups, Photo Mockups, stage mockups, Registration Backdrop, can anyone clarify what should i do
    Branding Materials needed
    1. Hall Gate
    2. Registration Backdrop, where the employees show their invitations before entering the hall
    3. Danglers
    4. Mockups
    5. Photo Mockup
    6. Stage Backdrop

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    Hi aymanfaied and welcome to GDF.

    We ask every new member to read the threads posted HERE, particularly this thread to get acquainted with how things work on GDF. They will explain how the forum runs, the rules, frequently discussed topics and our inside jokes. Your first few posts must be approved by a moderator, so don't panic if they don't show up right away.

    It's always a good idea to clarify with your client or employer if you are not sure. You need to do this before you start on a brief (if one has not already been provided). The client may have samples or photos of previous events. Without knowing your client and the venue, we cannot explain what these items are.

    Make sure you get measurements of all the pieces before you start designing. If your client does not have these measurements, it may mean you have to visit the hall gate, stage etc and measure them yourself.

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      Is this a school assignment or a job for a client?
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      • PrintDriver
        PrintDriver commented
        Editing a comment
        If this is a class and is being taught at anywhere below Senior Portfolio level, it's a disservice to the students. Teaching this as a class when a student doesn't know what Branding Materials are? That's a non-starter.

        If I was teaching this as a class assignment, at any stage a student failed to be prepared for the "deliverable" critique, they would get a fail grade. That is what this type of job is like. It's one I'm part of on probably 2 dozen different occasions every year, mostly large events but some smaller ones too. I see what happens to the kids working for event producers who wash out. Or rather, I don't. They never come back. Word travels fast in the industry. When you end up costing your producer over $9k in overages because your stage drop needed to be printed in one day, you are not going to last long. (And if you've never experienced White Glove shipping rates, be happy.)

        I also see how hungry the go-getters are. The competition is fierce and not everyone is cut out for it.
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      Oh good lord if this is for a real client.


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        If you do not know what "Branding Materials" are, you are already in over your head.

        Are you a freelancer?
        Are you working for an event planner or working directly with a client?

        You need ALOT more details to even begin.

        Asking about "Branding Materials"... if you are a freelancer taking on event planning as a new line, you will not instill any confidence at all in your client if you even ask that question. In fact, that question alone should get you fired from the gig. If you are working with an event planner, get with them immediately on this. They are your liason and should be supplying you with anything related to branding as well as an overall idea as to the theme of this event, color palette especially. Everything in all areas of the event should coordinate in color, size and shape. Alot of times it can even come down to some small detail like renting carpet of a certain color then you key off that color because carpet selection is limited. Who knows? Details details details.

        A mockup is more than likely a drafted representation of the hall WITH DIMENSIONS showing all elements placed, in Iso, Plan and Elevation views.
        The photo mockup is more than likely a 3D rendering of the same, using photos of the hall itself or a simplified CAD 3D rendering of the space. This sometimes takes the place of the Iso view in the drafting or it can also be done in Iso, plan and Elevation views as well.
        This little article shows a CAD iso plan and elevation view mockup of a small theatre with stage:
        You would have to do the same for your venue, then add in your backdrop and dangler locations showing sightlines and size relative to a human figure. Same for the Regi desk view. Along with at the very least elevation draftings showing dimensions of all elements. A plan drafting would show all elements in relation to the floor plan and should include locations of the tables.

        The other stuff, danglers, Regi Desk backers, etc are all large format event materials. The Hall Gate may even be a constructed 3D piece with dimensional lettering depending on how fancy the client is going to get. Or it all could be as simple as getting a bunch of cheap banners made handing them a bunch of zip ties and walking away.

        Who is doing the install?
        Who's taking care of lighting and sound? What is your interface with them?
        How are you hanging the danglers, stage drop and regi desk backdrop? Will the available securing points support the weight of your proposed design materials? Finishing details? Do you need to supply trusses? Bungies? Tie Line? Battens? Pipe and drape masking? How far does the client intend to go and what is their budget? If others are supplying these things, do you have dimensions and attachment details for the parts you need to supply?

        Are you aware of Fire Code? Is your printer? Does your city of venue require submission of materials to the Fire Marshal for testing? Cities can all have different requirements for stage materials. Even certain hotel chains can have their own requirements and submissions, especially if you plan to stick anything to their walls, windows, ceilings, carpets or floors. The hotel event manager may want samples more than a week in advance to place in their testing area, just to be sure the materials are removable.

        Corporate Theater (any event involving corporations and a stage) are time oriented events and have absolute drop dead deadlines.
        "The Show MUST Go On!"
        You need to know how long it will take to get all your materials constructed and printed and do NOT miss your submission deadlines for these. Rush charges in this area of print design go up very high very quickly, sometimes as much as 400% for same day express service, PLUS dedicated rush delivery service, and there is a point where you will not get your stage backdrop printed and finished in time no matter how much money you throw at it.The rush charges pay the overtime rate on all the other projects your job bumped out of the way because it was late and off the print queue schedule. Danglers, Regi desks materials and the Hall Gate can take just as long, or longer, to get through the design and print/construction process as the stage backdrop.

        Everything has to be ready for the installers when they show up. Paying hall staff to sit around while waiting for stuff to show up doesn't make a client happy. They are likely to back-charge YOU for that time. If stuff doesn't show up for the show, you will be backcharged for that as well, and will never get hired again.

        Have fun.
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