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Rhinoceros - Walls which diverges

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  • Rhinoceros - Walls which diverges

    Hi you all!

    I should do something extremely easy, but my Rhinoceros is working as a NASA computer, which is analyzing Mars atmosphere.
    So: or my computer is a shit (but I bought 900€ of machine, 3 months ago) or I am doing some mistakes.

    Here is the point, let's take a look to the images.

    There is this irregular shape. The walls are not straight. They go ahead for 1 meter from their vertical axis.

    I can't extrude along a curve because I have not the result that I want.

    So I extruded normally (vertically), then I chose two edges to move them towards the point.

    The results is ok. The problem is that going ahead with this procedure, the solid became very very very very heavy (30 min. for every step!) and became a mesh.

    Is there a more clean way to design my solid?

    Thank you very much in advance

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