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3D object from single 2D picture. Is it possible?

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  • 3D object from single 2D picture. Is it possible?

    I'd like to print number of 3D objects, mainly people created from the single 2D picture. Is it any S/W that support such job? How much manual work of designer requested?

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    As far as I know the objects would have to be re-created in 3D as a 2D image doesn't have the available information to know what's on the other side of the subject. I don't think any such software exists.
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      There are some programs that can read grayscale images to give you a Bas Relief in 3D. Our router program is able to do it but it's a hellaciously big file and doubt it translates to a 3D printer.
      But like Kem said, No back side to a photo...


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        Originally posted by Gandy View Post
        How much manual work of designer requested?
        The work to produce a 3D model based on a 2D photo would be all "manual work of designer."
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          Sculpt the thing you want, then have it 3D scanned.


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            You can try looking into this:

            We use SolidWorks here for our 3D printed stuff, among other things.

            There are tutorials out there for getting some types of "photographs" into 3D code but it looks like most of them are geared toward simple extruded 2D shapes. That isn't really 3D. Why wait for a printer to print a 3D flat thing when you can cut it 100x faster on a laser or CNC.






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