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Help with squirrel topology

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  • Help with squirrel topology

    Hello, I'm seeking some people that could help me with my character topology,i love modeling 3d animals but there seem to be really a lack of tutorial about those subject on internet ( even on paid content tutorial ), so i have some problem doing topology of certain creature I like from certain movie

    i'm trying to recreate a squirell from the movie "the nuts job" by using reference frame but the disproportion of the head make me difficult to find the correct meshing as you can see on the screenshot below.

    if someone could help me or even send me a tutorial link to something similar, i will be really thankfull!
    Current Mesh

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    Ok, so this is a tough thing for you on 2 levels. number 1- it's fan art if you don't make it unique somehow. (you want to own copyright don't you?). And number 2- you don't have the reference image. A character reference is the pose, sometimes drawn by hand, at front, back and side. Once you have a reference image you use it as a backdrop in your 3D software. And model around the backdrop as a reference.

    This video is a spectacular example and he does it with only a front view reference!

    guy modeling juggernaut in time lapse from a reference image:


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      this would work as a good reference, although it's only front view:






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