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Price up for SketchupPro maintenance?

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  • Price up for SketchupPro maintenance?

    SketchupPro user for a couple of years now, I've just realised that the sketchup maintenance has jumpted from 89€ end of 2015 to 134€ end of 2016. That's a 3rd more and about 20% of the pruchase fee for Pro version(650€). Does someone have information about this price rise or is this just in europe? And is the maintenance indespensable when using plugin and model uploads ?

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    This explains it all very well.


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      SketchUp is a very professional tool that:
      • allows UV mapping
      • doesn't do bugsplat when having the Outliner window opened and SU does recursive operations
      • Scene manager doesn't have bugs at all (eg. renaming scenes if there is something written in the Scene name field and the user clicks on another scene)
      • The Warehouse doesn't take ages to initialize, is fast and sleek

      And then let's talk about Layout. Layout is the best, working perfectly in conjunction with SU
      • Is fast, renders the images instantly, doesn't feel lag at all 3d printing chennai india
      • The text from SU is identical in SU and Layout; the rendering of text is flawless. One doesn't have to make tiny dimensions (5-6pt) in order to see them decent in Layout.
      • Text written in Layout is very simple to edit. Selecting all text and pressing BackSpace will delete the marked text. Also, many other very intuitive text functions (mainly like any text editor).
      • The best part is still the speed, no lags, no annoyance of any way.


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        Hi Vexpertise and welcome to GDF.

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          The post is a year old and it sounds like you are trying to sell the program rather than answer the question.

          FYI, the part about selecting text and hitting Backspace (or delete) is how all text editors work...






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