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Mobile 3d software for my phone

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  • Mobile 3d software for my phone

    Is there any good character creation software I can use on my phone? They would probably cost money although is there any free applications?

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    Character creation for what?


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      Originally posted by PrintDriver View Post
      Character creation for what?
      Maybe a video game or just for personal use where I could save the character file and use it in my future on a computer or something.

      I know there's programs on the computer where I can make a moving 3d file where two characters are moving around or for example fighting each other.


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        There is this thing called, ''using the right tool for the job.''
        Play your games on your phone. Develop your games on something that can run proper software for developing games. There is probably an app out there but it would most likely be very limited in library and choices. You would no doubt be relying on someone else's creativity to ''create'' any character on a mobile device.

        If you have one of those phones with a stylus, get a sketch program and draw sketches to later be fleshed out on your software of choice.






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