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    An absolute newbie here. I have access to a large city model (4 million polygons, 1 gig). I want to make one change to the model (which I can explain, if it's important) and then I want to record a fly-through. I have tried unsuccessfully to open it in Blender, Sculptris and SketchUp. I'm relatively sure the model is in tact as I can see a small, solid version when I opened it in 123D. I can import with .obj or .3ds.

    To complicate matters, I'm only running my MacBook Air with 8gig RAM and OS X Yosemite although I can probably scrounge up more robust hardware, if necessary.

    Can anyone suggest a free/cheap solution?

    Thanks for your patient indulgence!

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    Hi and welcome to GDF.

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    I'm not sure your issue is a graphic design related problem. Maybe try a 3D forum?

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      I have tons of ideas of 3d programs, but the biggest concern is converting 3d types for usage in editors and animators. Maya/3ds max/XSI are your best bet when it comes to 3d functionality. However there are other free and less expensive resources as well. Unity is basically a programming language but right now is the closest thing to 3d flash. Still tons of math. Saying that, flash also feature 3d features but most computers are unable to use it. Sadly I have to mention google earth, Mine-craft, and Half-life/Unreal are full of resources as well. I would be more into it but right now I am focusing on 2d stuff.


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        Have you looked into Blender? Blender is amazing. It seems a little daunting at first, but don't let it scare you.
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          You should give Lumion a try. It's easy and user-friendly, however, with 3ds max you will get better render-results.






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