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Can you please tell me what software could be used to create the attached image?

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  • Can you please tell me what software could be used to create the attached image?

    Hello, I am going to hire a designer to create pics for some of the products I sell. My problem is I do not know what program/s are used to create the images I would like. I know absolutely nothing about graphic design, I am clueless, which is why I need to hire a designer. I do not know what to look for in terms of designer's expertise. I have attached 2 photos, 1 is a red, blue, & white arm sleeve, and the other is of a blue, black, & white/ digital camo arm sleeve. The blue digital camo sleeve is a picture I paid to have made. As you can see the image looks, for lack of a better description, it looks like a cartoon image. Can someone please tell me what programs could be used to create images of my sleeve that look as good as the red, blue, & white sleeve? I greatly appreciate any help I can get. Thank you for your time.
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    Just an analogy...

    I want to build a house. I have a picture of the kind of house I want to build. I know nothing about building houses, so I need to hire a carpenter. I'm clueless when it comes to carpentry. Can you tell me which hammer I need to buy that can be used to build a house like the one in the picture?

    Software has little to do with which designer you should hire. Software is a tool -- nothing more. What you really should do is hire a designer who can study and think through your problem, then achieve the results you're after, which is, I'm assuming, selling products. You need a designer who can provide solid, well-reasoned recommendations on creating the kind of imagery that will resonate with your target audience a little more effectively than simply adding 3D effects to clothing on disembodied limbs.

    For what it's worth, the 3D-looking image doesn't appear to be anything more sophisticated than someone having used Photoshop's dodge and burn tools to add a little bit of shadow and highlights to flat imagery. A much more realistic (and expensive) job could have been done with actual 3D modeling software, but honestly, there might be a better approach that involves looking at the problem from an entirely different angle.


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      Print the sleeve, put it on someone's arm and photograph it.

      Or if you are looking to hire an illustrator (note I didn't say designer,) just show them the two pictures and tell them what you want and that you want it realistic. The person that did the blue white arm did not take into account the way the shape would stretch that design (neither did the red-white-blue artist, both of them have issues.)

      You need someone with an artistic eye and skill using both Photoshop and Illustrator (assuming the blue and white design is vector art.)


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        In a word: photoshop






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