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Logo created by old software - best way to re-create???

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  • Logo created by old software - best way to re-create???

    This is embarrassing that I can't figure this out but what is the easiest method to re-create this old logo look? The gentleman passed away and his family wants this logo (only the outlined letters with the gradient) to be etched on his headstone. The letters are easy enough but I can't seem to get the precise perspective gradient. I know this method was used a lot long ago with some of the first graphic software programs but I would like to improve on it so they are happy with the finished product. Thank you in advance!
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      Has the family asked the stone cutter if they can even do that?
      Gradients and sandblasting aren't usually compatible things....
      If at all possible, talk to them yourself. You need parameters on line weight and text size.
      The thin outlines and the thin strokes at the bottoms of the E and L (and most of the other letters as well) are going to be problematic cutting to any depth.

      As for getting the gradient, make the perspective shapes, make them a compound path and apply the gradient to the compound path.

      You are probably going to have to trace the lettering and the extrusion. Illustrator does not do that well.


      • LittleLynell
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        Good point on asking the stone cutter...that answer could solve this whole problem. Thanks.

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      You could probably recreate the look of a gradient by using stimpleing or crosshatching or something like that. But yeah, check with the engravers first to see what they recommend and ask for samples of similar work so you get an idea how precise they can be.


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        Doubtful in stone. And certainly not very deep. Laser etching might be possible, but barely scratches the surface. You want something that will weather for a good loooong while on a tombstone and still look good decades later..

        BTW, this is why you don't use gradients in logos.






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