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Should I use Blender or any 3D animation software to design this?

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  • Should I use Blender or any 3D animation software to design this?

    Hi so I'm new to programming and looking into graphic design/3d design because I want to program my own apps and create visual effects in them as well. I have an idea and I'm really not sure how to make it happen seeing that I don't know anything about 3D/graphic design. I plan on learning Blender and similar software as well as 3D game engines but this is very simple and I'm not sure if I'm even headed in the right direction for this project. So basically I'm going to build an app to learn new languages as well as the International Phonetic Alphabet. It's going to be able to translate any language into the IPA. I want to have a 3D animation where all of the letters and individuals syllables (sometimes made up of more than one letter such as the english "th" or "ph") of a language are written on blocks like scrabble pieces and float around in a fixed 3D space with strings attached to them connected at the center. It probably won't show all of them at once maybe like 20 or so. Then when you learn a new word or the IPA transcription of it the pieces move closer to you and arrange in the correct way still with the strings attached. The purpose is to make it kind of like an AI is teaching you language will the help of visualization. I attached a picture to show the basic concept. My question is: should I learn 3D animation software like Blender to accomplish this or something else?

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      The photo didn't upload for some reason so here it is. I want to make the lines look like strings and maybe have other settings to make them look like lasers or something else.
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