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  • Quick and Dirty 3ds tutorials.

    Well, job changes come around and all.
    So I might be changing from web-dev to freaking 3DS and Maya (I've long lost whatever network card my copy of Maya was saved to, grr, (still have my lightwave 5.0 serial dongle! just no serial port to plug it in to...)
    I'm sure I can find a series on youtube, but I was wondering if there's a channel out there anyone would recommend for people that kind of know what they're doing. (I mean, I couldn't script in lightwave 6, but I could at least use splines, textures were my main thing though).

    (imo/e, it's all the same thing, just like programming, just different ways of doing it).
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    NVM, Unreal Engine 4 (like Unity) is basically it's own rendering engine like lightwave ime, only in real-time. And rather than a C++ compile/code-a-thon like I was expecting, it's really ending up like an IDE like Flash was to AS3. Kinda cool, and nuts all at the same time (make some changes, compile etc). Still trying to figure out vive. and VR.

    After AS3, Holy crap is it close to Unity and C#. Don't be afraid.






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