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Question about exporting 3D camera data from Cinema 4D to After Effects

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  • Question about exporting 3D camera data from Cinema 4D to After Effects

    I'm using After Effects CS4 and Cinema 4D R10, and I've made a few videos in C4D with camera data, which I want to import into AE. Now when I've rendered in C4D, I check my rendered output file which has a .aec file. This is supposed to be imported in AE so all camera data from C4D is recognized in AE's composition. Problem is, when I try importing the .aec file into AE, it's not recognized and tells me it's a unsupported file type. Is this because I'm using R10 and importing into a newer version of After Effects, meaning I should get a later version of C4D (R11) or am I doing something wrong?
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    Welcome Josh!

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    Hi Josh and welcome to GDF.

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