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can someone tell me,,which 3d software suitable for beginner?

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  • can someone tell me,,which 3d software suitable for beginner?

    i`m a new member here nice to meet you all!
    what is the suitable software for me to start learning?

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    Hi aimanaico, welcome to GDF. Please read these important threads posted here. They will explain a lot about how the forum runs, from the rules and regulations to frequently discussed topics to the background on some of our lingo and inside jokes.

    I don't do any 3D work myself, but another member should be along shortly with a recommendation.
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      I learned Cinema 4D. I dont really do any 3D work though! But I guess any 3D software have the same basics, so i don't think their is one for "beginners". Like their isn't a beginner version for photoshop or Illustrator. Just my thoughts. Hopefully someone else will help you better.


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        None of the good ones are easy to learn. Maybe start with one of the free ones like Blender. I think Maya still has a "Learning Edition" that can be downloading for free. The concepts of most 3D programs cross-over as far as working in a 3D space. It is really a matter of learning the nuances of the program. Be patient and look through as many tutorials as you can. Good luck.

        Ciao for now.



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          SketchUp from google is an easy program to start off with.

          You can then always import your SketchUp models to other 3D programs when you need to render.


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            I use Cinema 4D. Its pretty simple to use once you know your way around it. I have a new laptop now though so i can't use it, my video card isn't good enough to handle 3D things. which kind of sucks. But after you've got the hang of Cinema 4D and want to go into advanced 3D Design, 3Ds Max is the best option.






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