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how can i create this?

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  • how can i create this?

    how can i create like this?

    with what software?

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    You could do that with Illustrator.


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      With a lot of work in Illustrator.

      I don't do 3D work, but some 3D people on the forum might have some 3D software options as well. CAD software might be able to pull that off as well possibly, but since I don't use CAD I'm not sure.
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        Damn, I have to remember to read the forum heading, my bad. Sorry Fire


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          They both could be modeled with some textures maps on there, but they would be modeled in high poly detail. (especially the second one) 3ds max would be a good software to use or Zbrush, though I prefer 3ds Studio Max, because you can be specific with faces and vertices more than Zbrush (which is more of a sculpting program for faces, creatures, etc...). They are both really good programs though.
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            it could be done in Blender which is Free if you dont have the more expensive programs like Maya or 3dsMax or ZBrush. if you know and understand 3d modeling it should be fairly simple actually. Estimated Time of Completion: 3-4 hours


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              Download Blender. Get familiar with 3d terminology, the working space and workflow. A lot of the times you'll need to convert beziers and nurbs to meshes to make it work like you want. You'll also have to familiarize yourself with all the maps or layers that make up a 3d object. The mesh is the object itself, the maps create the bump, displacement, color, shine, transparency etc.

              Work flow (again be familiar with how blender works, because I'm skipping some of the common converts and menu options)

              Use a bezier curve to make the profile of the tire.
              you will use the "spin" button create the tire. You can change the degrees from 360 to something less

              Create another bezier curve to make the inner wall of the tire. use a slightly smaller dimension. Then "spin" again.

              You will need to joining the edge verticies of the two meshes to create the tire wall thickness.

              It will look smooth. Another option is to use a rhombus primitive, but then you have a lot of "pushing" to get the mesh into shape. I fine using curves to be a better work flow.

              Repeat for each layer you want exposed. Again, these will all be smooth.

              once you have the base layers you'll need to make the bump or displacement maps to create the tread and texture.

              The ideal way is to group each of the meshes and unwrap the mesh. This is called UV unwrapping and creates a flat file that you can edit in an image editor.

              the displacement and bump maps create the visual layers of texture without having to model them directly into the mesh. These files are gray-scale. The levels of white to black creates the visual "bumps". Displacement is more aggressive than bump.

              Color can be assigned via the material buttons, or if you want more specific or real shading then using another uvmap (texture map or diffuse map) you can apply that image with the material buttons.

              actual job, I agree with robdux in 3-4 hours if you know 3d.

              Learning curve to get there???



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                those were made with Solidworks


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                  Originally posted by designer333 View Post
                  those were made with Solidworks
                  I agree it does look like solid works, but thats not to say you couldn't get something similar with another program. Drazan gave you good advice using blender(never used before) that also is what you would do with most 3D programs. I use Cinema 4D and could follow the above directions and get the same result.


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                    Zombie thread - it's over 2 years old. I think the OP has moved on.


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                      <<<feeling dumb now


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                        lol ... ask Kool said ... we've all done it





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