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Looking into LightWave. Looking for some guidance

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  • Looking into LightWave. Looking for some guidance

    I work for a very small company (I am the graphic design/web master/Flash/etc person). So I am on a tight budget. In fact I am not sure that I can "sell" 3d software to my boss.

    Anyway, I have a demo for Swift3d as well as Lightwave. At this point I'm leaning towards Lightwave. Could someone answer a few questions for me before I pursue this?

    1. Is it possible to make animations that can be embeded into web pages?
    2. Do you pull 3d animations into Flash?
    3. What are the bandwidth considerations for these animations?
    4. (You're going to hate this one) What's the learning curve with Lightwave?
    5. Where's the best place to start learning 3d software?

    Any advice here would be great. Thanks a lot.





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    It's good to have you here, Luis!
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    Craig B
    Welcome to the madness.
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    Hi LuisG and welcome to GDF.

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    Hello everybody, thanks for having me, I'm an TI professional, entrepreneur and founder who happens to have more than 25 year of experience in Prepress and Web to Print solutions. Hope to contribute somehow...
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