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Goodbye polygons: hello atoms?

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  • Goodbye polygons: hello atoms?

    Very interesting demo by Australian graphic engine developers:

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    Excited about the possibility.

    Bummed about the narrator's voice...


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      As were most who viewed it.

      Though I'm going to say that this particular company pitch sounds too much like snakeoil for my taste.

      Here's what I read that convinced me:


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        I don't understand any of that
        Hello... My name is Kittie and I'm a Font-a-holic.


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          Internet: OOH, that looks awesome!!!

          Notch: Wait, don't get excited, and let me tell you why..

          Internet: Oh.. yes, it did sound like snake oil. GET HIM!

          I'll have to take Notch's word for it, who is probably living in a solid gold house at the moment thanks to Minecraft.


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            A solid gold house no doubt made with solid gold atoms.

            (I've seen Cowboys and Aliens. He better watch himself.)


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              I was wondering if it was too good to be true. If people like Blizzard with the billions they make every month hadn't developed a game engine like that, I figured that maybe polygons were the only way to go.

              But, not knowing much about 3D and even less about developing games, I wasn't sure...


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                Yeah I saw this on TED. Apparently they can scan in real life images of things such as a rock, and viola there it is on the screen and you can't tell the difference. Companies pay a lot of money each year to up the polygon count, more polys = better graphics. This would completely change the game forever, I imagine games would take much longer to develop and probably be a bit more pricey.

                That is if they can develop game engines to run it.

                edit: read the thing about it being a scam. If it is thats a real bummer... gah.


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                  here's a rebuttal



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                    Point Cloud Engine

                    It's been around for a few years. This is just another take on it.


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                      Jesus... Cool stuff.
                      Less marketing douchebaggery, MORE TANKS!


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                        He seems much more eager to say what they are NOT doing than what they are actually doing with their rendering technique. I certainly hope they presented more solid evidence in order to get funding, but it's not unusual that public money is doled out to phony inventors.

                        I did some linear algebra in college and learned about projections, just projecting a few millions of "atoms" every frame takes an insane amount of vector processing power, and how can they light the whole thing without doing some sort of raytracing?

                        The sad thing about gaming technology is that it seems to be more important to have a huge art department rather than a few good writers and programmers. For instance I enjoyed playing the Marathon series tremendously more than Halo, to take two examples from the same company.


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                          >>The sad thing about gaming technology is that it seems to be more important to have a huge art department rather than a few good writers and programmers.<<

                          Absolutely agree. The obsession with art resolution and realism too often leaves nothing left (in time or money) for truly innovative game play and development (aka: FUN!).

                          A big reason I still admire Nintendo. They didn't want to play that 'game'.






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