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    ahh ok ... thanks for the info VDM
    Hello... My name is Kittie and I'm a Font-a-holic.


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      Hehehe thanks Euge!

      Imma grab that sucka as soon as I get home
      Less marketing douchebaggery, MORE TANKS!


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        Me and another artist here are trying this out, it's pretty legit so far. More updates to come.
        Less marketing douchebaggery, MORE TANKS!


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          Don't forget to check out the other free stuff. Show all products, sort by increasing price, see two and a half (20-item) pages of free stuff. Some of them are accessories for other things you have to buy, one is a camera recording tool to feed a separate (fairly expensive but cool) motion capture system, but most are usable as is. Victoria 4 and Michael 4 are both in there, formerly pricey SDKs and toolkits, and so forth.

          Being on a nearly zero-dollar budget, I got nearly everything, totalling a bit over $2440 -- for zero dollars. Even as a dedicated TrueSpace enthusiast, it's nice to get all that within my kind of budget!


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            I have not played with Poser for years, but I have been thinking about Hexagon...and I love Bryce!!!! So...I guess I have a bunch of stuff to download tonight. So much for watching TV tonight. LOL
            "Go ahead, make your logos in PS. We charge extra money to redraw your logo into vector art so it can be printed on promotional product. Cha CHING! " - CCericola


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              Originally posted by Iggee002 View Post
     I the only one wondering why this software is just being given away?
              DAZ was a freelance client of mine for two or three years. I designed the Bryce packaging after DAZ aquired it from Corel, below. I also used to design promotional materials, like calendars and trade show displays for them.

              They're really more of a clip art company than anything. Their customers are largely 3D hobbyists who buy various 3D models, like people, animals, clothing, various accessories, etc., then dress them up and pose them in various scenes sort of a 3D Barbie and Ken store, I guess. The more people they can get using their 3D software, the more chances they have with long-term, high-profit-margin follow-up sales through their model accessories club.


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                Daz3d 4 is not Poser, it is like poser in many ways but it is not the same, nor did they ever buy out Poser. Anything purchased through their store can be used for commercial purposes after rendered in 2d.

                What Daz3d 4 Pro is, is a complete posing, rigging, and rendering suite of tools. It does not allow you to create raw models. Daz Studio 4 Pro also has advanced content creator tools that allow better workflow for creating custom morphs and characters.

                What Bryce is, is a very good landscape generation tool. Does it compare to Vue, no, but for the sake of 3d history, it was one of the first complete environment generators. Now that Daz3d had purchased it since version 5.5 you can import any daz model into your tarrain environment. Rendering has improved greatly since 6.0.

                What Hexagon is, is not like Zbrush in any way really. It is a 3d model creation tool that follows the traditional paths like 3dsmax, blender, and maya. Where as zbrush is an organic modeling tool much like clay sculpting.

                For the people out there who do want to get into this, there is a lot of free content out there. But just like anything free you will have to read the licensing.

                Oh and for the beginners, you can't be a prude when working with 3d. All of the purchased poser models and characters are nude. So please don't open models in front of children.

                Here's a list of go to sites. NSFW
       (almost all poser models can render in Daz Studio)

       (has models for every type of plateform, so look at the notes. Needs a login, but I've used the site many times in the past)

       (there's a freepository section)

                Getting Started:
                (there's quite a few videos in their channel too)

                Other notes:
                If you get into it and want to go further, I highly recommend getting a Platnium club membership. This allows you to get hundreds of good models for $1.99 each. You also get a $6 a month voucher and special discounts and sales.

                Signing up to their newsletter is a good thing to not only get much good spam, but it also allows you to get bonus vouchers and coupons.

                Lastly one of the main keys to getting great renders is lighting. If you don't know much about lighting or want to have a decent quick setup look in the Daz store for Lantos Lights there are several packages to choose from. Uber lighting is also great, and has the basic lighting already in Daz studio 4 pro.

                The March Madness sale is in march, but will offer many things at 50% off.

                If anyone wants tips and tricks, I'll be able to pop in over the weekend to answer questions. I've been using these set of tools for 6 years or so. I don't use Hexagon too much as I have zbrush and 3dsmax8 and blender.

                And for those that have seen my 3d renders, most have come from Daz studio.


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                  Thanks Drazan

                  "May your hats fly as high as your dreams"Michael Scott


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                    Thanks Drazan.... great info there
                    Hello... My name is Kittie and I'm a Font-a-holic.


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                      I have downloaded it all...2.2gb of data. There are some very nice things that Bryce does, and I do love playing in it. Kind of like Sketchup, but more in depth than Sketchup is, really. If you do get in to it, there are some very nice tutorials out there for the terrain editor and boolean groupings, etc.

                      I have not had much of a chance to play with Hexagon yet, but I did run it once and it will require a learning curve, like any other 3D software.

                      But...if you go in for that kind of thing, it can be fun.
                      "Go ahead, make your logos in PS. We charge extra money to redraw your logo into vector art so it can be printed on promotional product. Cha CHING! " - CCericola


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                        This "free" sale is extended to the end of March. March madness has also begun.


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                          O_o Only 2.2 gigs? I'm so grabbing these. Now hopefully my 2007 Dell computer can run them

                          Thanks 'Hank,' now I can start to get another skill set under my belt!
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                            I'm still calling him Yooj in my head.
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