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    Hi all,

    I'm beginning with 3d design... not to become a pro, but just to be able to create simple things. This is because i'm currently learning 3D game programming in XNA, so i want to be able to make my own simple models for XNA.

    I started trying with blender... although i got it to work in blender (i created a simple planet), it didn't workout well in XNA (it didn't show the texture). Tried a lot of things, but none worked so far.

    Now i've somehow come across the program 'Truespace 7.6'. It seems to work really well for XNA (exports to .x file with XNA in mind) and it's quite simple.

    The only problem now is: i cannot find good tutorials / guides for it! Seems it was a product of, until Microsoft took over and gave away the program for free. Until recently (2010 / 2011 i guess) the website with tutorials ( was still available, but now it don't exist anymore.

    I created a simple sphere with a texture on it, the only thing i still need to do is to make a smooth surface. I tried many things, searched alot on google, tried even to find something on youtube, but i cannot find a good tutorial.

    So, does someone know a good website with truespace 7 tutorials, or does someone still have the help file / guide for truespace 7?

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    Hi and welcome to GDF. Here's where the TrueSpace gurus hang out:

    Good luck!


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      Not completely familiar with XNA, isn't it a programming language for gaming environments. I programmed with Python for Blender but not with XNA

      The Blender/Python API can do the following:
      • Edit any data the user interface can (Scenes, Meshes, Particles etc.)
      • Modify user preferences, keymaps and themes
      • Run tools with own settings
      • Create user interface elements such as menus, headers and panels
      • Create new tools
      • Create interactive tools
      • Create new rendering engines that integrate with Blender
      • Define new settings in existing Blender data
      • Draw in the 3D view using OpenGL commands from Python
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