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  • Not sure what software I need

    Hello, new user here. We are a small art department in a manufacturing company that produces acrylic awards in all shapes and sizes. We want to be able to send animated virtual proofs to our customers - For example, if our customer has ordered a cube with some type of art printed on the 4 sides of the cube we want to be able to send them a proof in which the cube is rotating, allowing them to view each side. I have been researching for a little while but being a complete novice in animation and 3D, I am getting to the point where I have information overload and am just getting confused. Can anyone offer information on what type of software we would need? Would Flash do what we want or do we need something more complex?

    Thanks for the help!

    P.S. We currently use Adobe Design Standard CS5.5.

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    Hi wsk4659 and welcome to GDF!

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      We use Esko ( to create 3D renderings from Illustrator. It's made for packaging, but I'm betting it would work for what you need.

      It generates a 3D PDF file that can be rotated from within Acrobat.


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        Thanks for the info Cosmo. We'll check it out.


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          Here are some free 3D applications:

          Sketchup: Free and easily integrates with google earth, in case buildings are your thing.

          Blender: Extremely powerful, extremely difficult to learn.

          Truespace: My heart breaks a little writing this. Free abandonware that is powerful and easier to learn. I've been using it since it was a paid midrange solution. Now you can have it for free. Make and animate a camera around your models. Make a movie, if you want to.
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